Sugar Land
Richmond, TX
United States

We will help repair homes in nearby distressed neighborhoods on Saturday, October 28 from 8am until 1 pm. This is a joint project of Sugar Land Rotary, our interact clubs, and other area youths.  We need adults to help direct the youths. 

Owner:  David Solomon

Address:  400 Solomon Road, Richmond, Tx  (Thompson area)

Phone:  832-573-6466

The owner will not be on  location.  However, he will have somebody there by 9am to greet workers. 

The insulation under the manufactured home must be removed and placed in garbage bags.  He states it is dry under the home.

Inside the home, he has sprayed painted ceiling tiles with orange color.  Those tiles have mold and must be removed and again placed in plastic bags.

Equipment needed:  Plastic bags, gloves, masks, eye wear (we have none left).

 For those working under trailer:  must wear old jeans, long sleeve shirts, gloves, eye wear, and masks.  We no longer have any tyvek coveralls. 

For those working inside:  gloves, masks, and eye wear

We have trash bags, gloves, and masks.  If you can give me an address, I can get these things to you by Friday.

Point Person: Christine Harrigan: 281-919-5100 or harrigan.christine@yahoo.com