To those of you visiting this web site, I say Welcome!

There are 35,000 Rotary Clubs on six continents and in virtually every country on the planet. But we are the only Sugar Land Club in the world committed to serving our friends and neighbors in the Sugar Land area including Missouri City, Stafford and Meadows Place.

Service is the action verb of the near 40-year history of this club. To us service involves action that makes our area and its people better off than they were. Our members serve by being a Scout Leader, being a city Council member, helping Seniors who require it, filling needs of women living in a shelter, filling the needs of schools who cannot operate without volunteers, supporting law enforcement when its never been more important and a hundred other things you will think of if you open your imagination.
We shamelessly ask you to join us in our quest and become a member of this great organization. There is great camaraderie among people who are serving others so we share even more than fun.
This is an especially poignant time of year when we arrange our club leadership differently. Darla Alston is soon to be our past President and Natalie Lerner will become the President Elect and I am honored to fit between two great leaders and work to make 2022/23 the most meaningful for our members. Each Rotary Club is unique but part of a District. We are especially  fortunate to have a District with sound,  tested leaders who help keep us on the path we have chosen as the club serving the Sugar Land area..
Our Rotary Club is diverse as is the community we serve and we think it makes us better at serving by understanding  our mix of professions, genders, ages and ethnicities. We enjoy a great lunch each Wednesday at Sugar Creek Country Club and also take a half hour to be updated on issues by key leaders in our community. In July our speakers include former Congressman Pete Olson, the Sugar Land City manager, Jim Goodrum, and our new School Superintendent, Christie Whitbeck. There is nothing like having lunch with people like that in an up close setting.
Please visit our web site in detail, consider how Rotary might just be a good fit in your life, then reach out to me or our membership Director (Chair) and let's get rolling.
Marvin Marcell
Government Relations Consulting Services